Mishkan and Microchips

Moshe assembled the entire congregation of Israel to give the second set of tablets. He proceeded to recount in detail what G!d wanted of them which includes keeping the Sabbath holy and a detailed review of the construction of...Read more...

God’s Business Advice to MosheUndo All

This shall they give…a half Shekel. (Parsha Ki Tisa: Ex. 30:13)


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Dash: Start Growing Today

The Torah teaches us that a person is a tree of the field (Deut. 20:19). How does that work?...Read more...

Dash: Weekly Inspiration, Torah and Tools for Living

Pico Shul Helps Israeli Beach Wedding a Reality 


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Pico Shul helps make Israeli Couple's dream of a Wedding-on-the-Beach

Posted by Pico Shul on Monday, January 4,...

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Findings & Reflections: Pico Shul Community Meeting

Findings & Reflections

from the Pico Shul Community Meeting Nov 22, 2015


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Shul News: Bringing Light and Joy with Six Hanukkah Events!

Shul News: Member Dvar Torah, Art Show, Toy Wrapping, House Party!

Hanukkah House Party

Sunday, December 13 from 8pm-11pm

We are excited to invite you to our 3nd Annual Hanukkah Party as we light up the 8th candle of the menorah.
This awesome evening includes: 

Hot Latka bar with all the fixin's
Sufganiot decorating station
Bar with one free drink
Menorah lighting!

Non-Members $10 until Dec 10.
Members- $10 fixed
Non-Members at Door- $15 

Don't miss the opportunity to mix and mingle! Come and meet lots of new people while you eat our delicious Hanukkah food and listen to upbeat music. 

You must sign-in to get member tickets!

   $15 Non-Members after Dec 10 & at the door
   $100 VIP Sponsor Ticket


A Special Conversation About the Future of Pico Shul

Event Planning Meeting: Chanukah Fun!

Event Planning Meeting

Event planning meeting for the upcoming Chanukah party, Paint Night and other fun affairs! This Tuesday, November 17th, 8:00pm at 1134 S. Crest Drive


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Mazel Tov Bayla and Eli Avtzon and welcome Nina!

Introducing Cheyena 'Nina' Avtzon! Born 11/1/15.  

We are so happy to meet you!  May your life be bless in Torah, happiness and good deeds and may all good things come easily your way.  And may you sleep through the night peacefully.


Shabbat Tehillim Group at Pico Shul

Pico Shul's Tehillim Group gathers at 1:30 pm every Shabbat after kiddush lunch.  All are welcome.  We have Hebrew and English sets of Tehillim.

Groups of people are saying Tehillim around the world together as a way to focus and amplify personal prayer, build a community of intention and support.   The Psalms attend to the personal and the universal conditions of life and become the lens that focuses our deepest hopes for ourselves, our loved ones and the world.

Join us as we recite the whole of Tehillim (Psalms of King David). Every week we set various intentions as a group.  In this difficult time, we are focusing our prayers towards the safety and security of Israel and the Jewish People.  However, we are collecting names for people who need to find their soul mate. 

What is this all about?

King David gave the Jewish people a great gift in writing these verses, of praise, request, frustration, joy and pain. The Psalms give each of us a chance to connect with God in a personal way. King David’s verses can help us by articulating the words that we didn’t even know we wanted to say. Helping us give true voice to our holy ambitions. These messages are timeless, linking us to our people, heritage and God in a beautiful and potent way.

Groups of people are saying Tehillim around the world together in the merit of bringing soul mates together, shalom bayit (peace between spouses) and so much more.

We will include the name you submitted among those we read at our weekly group.

 Obviously if you are able to join the group in person we welcome your participation.

We will periodically update the list so please let us know if the person whose name you submitted gets engaged or married. We can't wait to share the Mazel Tov with you!


Please Contact me with any questions.  Rachel@picoshul.org 

If the mother doesn't have a Hebrew name, or you don't know it, please use her given name.

If the mother doesn't have a Hebrew name, or you don't know it, please use her given name.

Please let us know the reason you are adding the person to the list. (i.e. Shidduch, healing, safe travels).


Please make a donation in the merit of everyone finding a soul mate!, healing etc!

Please write in the amount you would like to donate.


Shul News: Harry Potter, Mother in Need, Learning, Tehillim Power

                     THIS SHABBAT •  Parsha Vayeira            October 30-31, 2015 •  18 Cheshvan 5776     community announcements Read more...

Bikur Cholim & Kibud Zakenim Group: Leaving Pico Shul at  2PM Every Shabbat...rain or shine

Bikkur Cholim group makes a weekly visit to a local nursing home to spend time on Shabbat afternoon with elders.  Everyone is welcome to join and see why some Pico Shul members are saying it is the highlight of their week!

We visit with elders who speak...

Five Ways to Keep the Spiritual Momentum of the High Holidays

Click here to read Rabbi Yonah Bookstein's Huffington Post article. 


Shul News: Shabbat Info, Marriage Seminar

Sun, July 23 2017 29 Tammuz 5777