Community Prayer for Healing

Let our Prayers include your loved ones.

One of the ways that we help bring compassion upon those in need of healing is to offer communal prayer in their merit.
Every week at Pico Shul we say a communal prayer for our friends and loved ones that need healing. Please help us to pray for anyone you are close to, and in need of healing and the spiritual lift of knowing that many are putting energy towards their healing, by giving us their name. You and your loved one does not have to be a member of Pico Shul, and can be anywhere on on the planet to be included!

Inclusion on the list is available to everyone, and it will be read each week in Shul during services by Rabbi Yonah on behalf of the the community during the Torah services.

Healing prayers are traditionally said using a person’s Hebrew name and their mother’s Hebrew name.  If you don’t know the names in Hebrew, please use the English name or the name you use for your loved one.  If you don’t know their mother’s Hebrew or English name, please use the complete English name of the person in need of healing.

Jewish teachings remind us that our Creator is compassionate and nurturing, and the language of the healing prayer draws upon the universally understood poetry of the Mother-to-Child bond to illustrate this.  We implore the source of all life and healing in the name of our mothers merit.

The source for mentioning the name of the individual’s mother is King David‘s entreaty (Psalms 116:16): “Please, O Lord, for I am Your servant; I am Your servant the son of Your maidservant,” and we see he specifies his mother (although his father was also a very righteous person).

King David says: “Bring salvation to the son of Your maidservant,”.
When praying for someone’s life, we want to ensure his/her identity is made clear through using lineage of the mother based on the idea that we can always know who a person’s mother was.
Historically, our distinct affiliation to one of the 12 tribes (the descendants of the sons of Jacob) was passed down through our fathers, it is our maternal line that determines our inclusion in the Jewish Nation. In using the names of our mothers we are reminded that ultimately there is Jewish Unity as the Creator sees the world  – no need to worry about who is a Cohen, a Levy and so on.
Refuah Shleima! Please God, may all those who need healing have a complete recovery

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We pray weekly for those in need of healing at our service at approx 11:00am every Shabbat morning.  Please let us know when a person has healed and we will take them off the list by emailing

If they don't have a Hebrew name, use their given name

If they don't have a Hebrew name, use their mother's given name

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