By filling out this form I am granting Rabbi Yonah Bookstein to

1) act in my place and on my behalf to sell all chometz I possess, knowingly or unknowingly, whether actual chometz, a mixture of chometz, or doubtful chometz

2) lease all places where chometz I own can be found. I verify that the buyer of the chometz will have access to the chometz should they need it.


IS 12 PM Sunday, APRIL 9th

Please be as specific as possible. 

Please be as specific as you can

It is customary to make a contribution to the Shul to help cover the costs involved in selling of chometz.  Please enter in the amount you would like to donate

Please consider making a donation towards "Maot Chitim", to help members of the community. The suggest donation Maot Chitim amount is $36.


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Sell your Chametz

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Sun, July 23 2017 29 Tammuz 5777