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Weekly Musical Havdallah Service on Facebook

Keeping people connected during COVID and beyond


When the worldwide COVID pandemic forced Pico Shul Alevy Learning Center to close, we moved what programs we could online. Starting with a musical, interactive Havdallah service on Facebook was an easy first step.

The weekly 30 minute services started with just havdallah and has now expanded to include music, a small sermon, and prayers for healing. Participants join from Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Alabama, and many places in between. The Bookstein's have recorded 64 episodes, and hundreds of people end their Shabbat with Pico Shul on Facebook.

"The online Havdallah service has become an important part of people's spiritual life," said Rabbi Yonah, "and we will keep recording it live as long as we are able!"

In addition to Havdallah service, Rabbi Yonah and Rachel lead the virtual community in a prayer for healing, and include the names of those who need our prayers and thoughts.

You can join the program every week, about 75 minutes after sunset on

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