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צדקה כנגד כל המצות

How will the value of our days be measured? What will matter is not what you bought - but what you built; not want you got but what you gave.
— M. Josephson

Multiple New Ways to Make a Difference

Donate a Car

Easily Donate Your Car for a tax-deductible donation.

Pico Shul has partnered with CARS, to help us accept and process your Car donations. CARS is an organization under Jewish Family Services, and they make make donating your car easy. CARS handles everything from the pick-up and sale, to sending you the donation and tax receipts. Their dedicated team can help you through the process, and then the proceeds benefitting Pico Shul will be directly send to us. While cars in all conditions can be donated, the better condition the more you can help Pico Shul!

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Donate Stocks

Stock donations made safe and easy

Support Pico Shul by donating your Stocks or Bonds. We have a team set-up to help you through the process. Then, you'll be provided with a tax-deductible receipt.

Contact Us and we'll connect you with the specialists that can help you with your donation.

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Support Us

A Generous Contribution Goes a Long Way

One of the unseen tragedies of the pandemic is the single Jewish women and men who are not able to go to events and Shabbat dinners in the hope of meeting their soulmates. Women see their chances of marrying and starting a family getting smaller. 

Esther is recently divorced, and her income has been drastically cut because her ex-husband lost his job due to COVID. She wanted to attend our Kesher Relationship Seminar this fall to have a chance to meet someone and learn how to move forward after her divorce — but could not afford to participate. 

Thanks to generous donors, we were able to give Esther a full scholarship. 

Not only did she have a chance to meet some eligible Jewish men, she benefited from classes with world-leading relationship experts, and connected to resources and matchmakers that are part of the program. 

Esther is one of the thousands of wonderful single Jewish women in Los Angeles —  one of tens of thousands of across the country—who want to get married, but find dating apps and swiping left or right NOT WORKING.

We want to expand what we are offering Jewish singles in 2021 and beyond — but we need your help.

Will you help us to deliver truly needed programs to help Esther and other Jewish singles?

Jewish singles are not the only ones who Pico Shul is helping.

We provide ongoing support to couples and families navigating difficulties and family emergencies. We organize volunteers to deliver food and supplies to those who are homebound, emergency grants to those who have lost income and housing, and much more.

We believe that one of the biggest lessons of COVID is that caring about others, lifts their burdens and raises your joy and happiness in life. 

Our sages teach that every mitzvah creates a powerful force of good in the world. That mitzvah also helps you connect with others and the eternal Light of Creation.

Your gift today will help Pico Shul continue to expand our ability to help the community.

Can we count on your support today?

Pico Shul Alevy Learning Center is a program of Beth El Synagogue Tax ID #33-0024310

in collaboration with Pico Shul Center for Jewish Life and Learning

Checks can be mailed to:

Pico Shul

9116 1/2 W. Pico Boulevard

Suite #2

Los Angeles CA, 90035

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