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Passover is Coming!

Passover is Coming! Resources, Community Seders, Chametz Sales, 10 Min Seder, Preparation Classes, & More!

Refugee Seders in Lublin

Twenty six years of leading communal seders could not prepare us for what we would experience “Thank you very much,” said Olga with her...

Seders for Jewish Ukrainian Refugees

In the Post: An Update: Rabbi Yonah & Rachel in Poland Chag Sameach from Lublin: A Video Passover Eve at Ukrainian Refugee Center in...

Passover with Pico Shul

In this post: Seders in the Community Sell Your Chametz 10 Minute Seder Pesach 101 with Rabbi Yonah (2 classes) Seders for Refugees...

Everybody Loves Saturday Night!

Celebrating our 100th Episode This past Saturday night marked our 100th episode of Musical Havdalah. To mark the occasion, Pico Shul...

Hundreds Enjoy Purim Unity Event

Pico Shul and Chai Center team up to create free Hollywood Purim party The last major event Pico Shul organized before the pandemic...

Our Tashlich Prayer Service

As I stand by living water, I pour out my heart like water —please help wash away these barriers to spiritual and personal growth. An...

Gather the People

Here is some of the feedback from Jewish Young Professionals and families after our Rosh Hashanah services. "The prayers this Rosh...

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for the New Year? Are you ready for some inspiration? Check out what Pico Shul has going on in the next few weeks. Head to...

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