Pico Shul Alevy Learning Center

Pico Shul is a come-as-you-are synagogue without walls, a spiritual home to Jewish singles and families, Jews-by-choice and for all levels of observance. 

Is Hebrew Required? No. We use prayer books that are Hebrew and English. Most of the prayers recited by the Chazan are in Hebrew. Pico Shul includes prayers in English and services have lots of singing and joy.

Is there a dress code? Come as you are... with shoes and shirt please. We suggest people wear "dress-casual".

Are these services Orthodox? Yes. Pico Shul services have separate seating for men and women and following Orthodox custom are separated by a draped partition.

Do we need to be a member? No membership or affiliation required to register. 



Weekly Torah Learning - Classes are recorded and sent out so that you can listen on your own time as well.

9:30 AM M-TH

Daily Torah Study of Jewish Law

Study Jewish law with Rabbi Yonah Bookstein - Mon-Thu, from 9:30-10am on Zoom. Also called a  "Shulchan Aruch Study Group" we study the classic work Kitzur Shulchan Aruch. No Hebrew needed.

9:30 AM Friday

Weekly Sfas Emes Parsha Study

WHY of life, Torah, and inspiration for what it means to be a Jew in today's world. Study the brilliant and insightful commentary of the Sfas Emes and other Chassidic scholars on the Torah Portion with Rabbi Yonah Bookstein on Fridays.

Love & Marriage

Marriage Success Seminar

Drawing from ancient and contemporary sources, this seminar inspires and educates couples on how to make a thriving and loving Jewish home and life together.

An exclusive seminar for engaged couples with  Rabbi Yonah.