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15 Ways to Help Israel Now

There are many responses to the horror unleashed on Israel and the Jewish people on Simchat Torah. I know that many are frightened. I know many are worried and concerned for loved ones and family in Israel. And all of us are concerned for the safety and security of Israel.

It’s natural to feel afraid of forces that we cannot control and that want to harm us. But we go through most days without those fears paralyzing us. When we let those fears prevent us from living meaningful Jewish lives, and bring joy and goodness to the world — terrorists win.

I want to reiterate what I said on Monday. We must pray, act and give for Israel and the Jewish people now.

All of the world is a very narrow bridge, but the main thing is to have no fear at all. Fear prevents us from doing what we can do and what we need to do.

My ask for today from all the thousands of people who read our emails is:

Be the best Jew you can be.

If you like to make phone calls, call everyone you know in Israel and tell them you are thinking of them. If you like to draw, make signs for the march on Sunday. If you like to play music, join us for the musical solidarity Havdalah on Saturday night. If you like to eat, buy Israeli food from the supermarkets. If you have money, give it to organizations helping the thousands of displaced families who have lost their homes.

If you have a social media account, repost profiles of those killed and in captivity so their names will never be forgotten. If you like to complain, call your US Representative or Senator and ask them to get more aid to Israel.

If you like clothing, wear pro-Israel shirts. If you like dogs, bring them on the March for Israel on Sunday. If you like movies, stream Israeli movies so they peak online. If you like learning Torah, join a class or get a study partner. If you like candles, light Shabbat Candles 5 minutes EARLY this week. If you like kids, give your kids hugs and kisses and love. If you like to pray, pray more and go to a minyan today and every day. If you like to do Chesed work, find tangible ways to help here and in Israel. Etc!

Peace and Blessings AM YISRAEL CHAI

Rabbi Yonah

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