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18 Ways to Help The Jewish People Now & Prayers for Israel

Last week I sent a list of things that you can do now for Israel. Here is a list of things you can do for the Jewish people today.

1. Help Jews in need. Give tzedakah to those in need. Any amount.

2. Strengthen the bonds of the Jewish people by connecting with your family members, especially the ones that you don't speak with regularly.

3. Upgrade your Jewish history knowledge. Read a book about any aspect of Jewish history or

4. Watch a movie about the Jewish history.

5. Light Shabbat Candles - even if you live alone it's a mitzvah.

6. Attend services on Shabbat.

7. Take a Jewish friend out for lunch or coffee.

8. Write down stories from your parents or grandparents.

9. Volunteer to be on Jewish community patrol.

10. Support a Jewish organization.

11. Work on your family tree. Do you know the names of all your great-great-grandparents and the towns that they were from?

12. Put up Jewish artwork in your home.

13. Check your mezuzahs.

14. Subscribe to at least one Jewish news source for every mainstream news source you have.

15. Have Jewish friends over for bagels and lox, and decide on something that you can do together to help the Jewish people.

16. Buy some gourmet kosher wine from California.

17. Start planning with your family to have a huge family seder.

18. Help Jewish High-School students who are facing a massive increase in Antisemitism by donating to JSU

Whatever we may call this horrible and challenging time that the Jewish people are experiencing — we have to strengthen the Jewish people now.

And we need your help!

Rabbi Yonah


Prayers for Israel

Pray for Israel - here is an excerpt from Rabbi Yonah book

To get a copy of the book - click here.

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