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CSS: Community Security Service - Volunteer Details

Updated: Apr 11

Please note: the following details are from an email sent by CSS.

Dear Friend,


Passover is just around the corner and now is the best time to recruit new volunteers for your CSS team, or certify volunteers who have not yet completed the in-person component. 


The in-person practical certification is mandatory for all new volunteers in order to be eligible to stand shift at their synagogue. If you have questions about your status, or the status of a member of your volunteer security team, please respond to this email. 

1 In-Person Practical Certification

April 17, 2024

7:00 - 9:30 pm

Pico Robertson Area (in-person)

Deadline to RSVP is April 15


Registration Process for New Volunteers at your CSS Synagogue

As a reminder, CSS volunteers go through a two-part process in order to stand shift. 

Part 1- ONLINE: Self-paced online training  (will take between 3-4 hours).

To take this course, please click here to register. When asked if our synagogue has a team choose the option YES 

Part 2- IN-PERSON: Attend the in-person practical certification on April 17th. In order to attend the in-person certification you must have completed the online training.  



  1. Fill out the form via orange button above.

  2. Upon approval, you will receive a DocuSign email with a link to complete CSS’s volunteer agreement. You will need to sign the agreement electronically. It may land in your spam or promotions folder.            - Read the CSS Policies and Procedures here            - Read the volunteer agreement here

  3. Once the volunteer agreement is signed you will receive a link to the online training (including username and password).

  4. Complete the online training and participate in the in-person certification to review the online course and role-play live scenarios (3 hours) in order to become a CSS Volunteer.

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