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  • Shayna S.

Escape from Kyiv, Arrive in Los Angeles

by Marcus Freed

How one woman’s life turned upside down in less than two weeks. She heard bombing near her apartment in Kiev, escaped across the border at night, traveled through three more countries, and is currently in Los Angeles.

Malka Bondar '“I woke up February 24th at 7 a.m. and heard the phone ringing. My mother said, ‘Do you know that Kiev has been bombed?’ I thought she was joking. Within a few seconds I then heard a sound that was very different from anything I have heard before. It was cold and my windows were insulated and largely sound-proofed, but the noise reverberated throughout my apartment. I started researching online, and discovered that there was bombing throughout the country, except Kiev, the city in which I was living, was being bombed more heavily and more often.”'

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