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Making it a Jewish Summer of Love

Summer is a good time to work on making our marriages and families more loving and stronger

The kids are finishing school and summer is here! I want to pass on some ideas for how to create a memorable "Summer of Love" for you and your spouse using Gottman principles and Jewish opportunities.

Here's how to make it amazing:

Prioritize quality time: Plan a few activities that foster connection, such as outdoor adventures, romantic picnics, or cozy evenings under the stars - for just the two of you. If you can get someone to take care of the kids — go away for a night or two. Does not have to be far away to create quality time for the two of you.

Communicate openly and with a smile: Practice active listening, express appreciation, and share your feelings. Create a safe space for open and honest conversations. And always say I love you, Thank you, and Smile!

Reignite passion: It’s a mitzvah! Plan romantic date nights, surprise each other with gestures of love, and explore new ways to keep the flame alive.

Create shared experiences: Go to the Hollywood Bowl or a similar outdoor venue for ANY concert. Embark on a road trip, or even try cooking together to deepen your bond.

Manage conflict with care: Disagreements will arise, but approach them with empathy and understanding. Use healthy communication techniques to find resolutions.

Make Family Time Special - Shabbat during the summer is LONG so make it special with an outdoor lunch, board games and walks, father-child learning, and more.

Use these principles and ideas and you can have an amazing summer of love filled with connection, passion, and unforgettable experiences.

It's time to embrace the season and make the most of this special time together for you and your spouse and your family!

Rabbi Yonah and Rebbitzen Rachel

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