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Parsha Shemini - Perceiving Godliness in the Mundane

The Sfas Emes Z"L discussed one of life's paradoxes  — HaShem is present in all creation. But HaShem's Presence is hidden. From these two facts of life, the Sfas Emes draws a powerful conclusion: that we bear a responsibility to reveal to the world that HaShem is genuinely there. How do we do it? One way is to be aware of HaShem's Presence in our everyday activities. We can be aware of HaShem while we go about our everyday human activities. 


The first place I would start is to recognize that each person is made b'tzelem elokim, in God's image. I would start with the people closest to you, the ones you communicate with every day, and then work outwards. 


Then, put awareness into action. It's so easy to see the Godliness of the beautiful roses on the Shabbos table. Now try to see Godliness in the mess, the spilled food, the broken plate, the broken soul, the dirty dishes, the socks on the floor. 


May Hashem give us the ability to see Godliness in everything, and may that elevate our world, and bring us closer to Redemption.

Shabbat Shalom


Rabbi Yonah

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