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Pray, Do, Give

Dear Friends, We are all heartbroken and in pain. Please use this pain for fervent prayer, for acts of chesed and standing up for Israel, and to give support to help our brothers and sisters in Israel. Below are opportunities for you -- there are many others. The most important thing is to not be passive - we must pray, we must do, and we must give. We must put aside all differences and find ways to help. May God protect Israel and the Jewish people from any more suffering and avenge the blood of those murdered. Rabbi Yonah


Prayers for Israel

Pray for Israel - here is an excerpt from Rabbi Yonah book

To get a copy of the book - click here.


Prayer Gathering & Rallies


Ways to Help

Send a Care Package - click here

Donation Resource Document - click here to access it Message from Shanni Suissa working with Noa Tishby:

These are all vetted places you can send donations to. I will continue to add more to this list. Any private fundraisers I add with Venmo/Paypal details will be people I know personally and can vouch for. Additionally, we are looking for someone in portable chargers. The soldiers need portable chargers - a lot of them, and quickly. If you make, sell, distribute, or work in portable chargers - please reach out to me via dm.

Civilian Drones to be used for the 179th Armoured Division

Hello everyone. My name is Goni Frenkel and I'm raising 137,000 NIS (About 34,650 US Dollars) for the immediate procurement of civilian drones to be used for the 179th armoured division, where I serve as an intelligence officer. There is already an Israeli vendor who has the equipment in store. The donations will pass to the vendor via a certified Israeli NGO called "Brothers in Arms". We would cherish every donation that you might send to the address below.

Important note It is imperative that every donor let me know about each donation, so the NGO could designate that money specificly to the purchase of the drones. The confirmation of the specified donation would be with a screenshot to my number +972-50-6287021 For Israeli Donations: Brothers in arms association Hapoalim Bank Branch 609 Account number 180519 US Donors: click here Once we have reached our quota, we will publish it immediately and notify each one of our donors. Many thanks to each and every one of you who supports us in your hearts and minds We will prevail


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