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  • Shayna S.

Thank You to the Alevy Family for 10 Years of Supporting Camp Neshama!

Thank you so much for being part of Camp Neshama 2022! We are so happy that you joined us and helped to make Camp so special.

Photo Credit: Moshe Bookstein

Thank you to everyone who helped make camp possible!

  • Staff & Volunteers: Chana-Malka Bondar, Shelli Carol, Eli Falk, Jessica Fass, Josh Kaplan, Steve Lackner, Hindy Leitner, Fabian Lijtmaer, Keila Martinez, Shira Sasson, Jen Schulman, Tahlia Silverman, Ari Sorrentino, Greg Starr, Azi Yaghoubian, Zohar Zenescu, Moshe, Shlomo, & Naftali Bookstein

  • Musical Entertainment & DJ: Oryahh (Yosef Siedler), Leor Zeitouni

  • AJU's Brandies Bardin Campus: Staff and Facility Management, with a special thank you to Navah Becker!

  • Co-Sponsored by: Pico Shul, Kesher YP's, Shabbat Tent

  • Partners: Chai Center, Fass Pass to Love, MeetJew, OU-JLIC West, Steve's Recharge

  • Sponsors: The Alevy Family and a special thanks to Steven Alevy for joining us in person at camp!

We'd greatly appreciate your feedback!

  • We always strive to make our programs more awesome in the future, based on experiences like yours. Even if you loved everything - we still want to hear from you. Plus, you'll be entered into a raffle!

Stay in Touch!

  • Stay connected with fellow campers by joining the FB alumni group here.

What's Next?

Shana Tova!

Peace and blessings,

~Rabbi Yonah & Rachel Bookstein, Shayna Sorrentino, and the whole Camp Neshama Team!

PS: Keep a lookout for your chance to buy a camp hat and yearbook :)

Photo Credit: Hindy Leitner Photography

Photo Credit: Greg Starr

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