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Three Steps to Being a Better Person

Many great teachers offer guidance about how to be a better person and a better Jew in the New Year. Here's a three step guide I put together from my teachers. Three easy steps to being a better person 1. Remember that we all were given special gifts to share with the world and our loved ones. Get back on track by making a list of all the things you are really good at. And make a resolution to to all those things this coming year, and do them all 1% better! 2. Remember that we cannot overcome the challenges we face — spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, relational — alone. Pray everyday and ask for help from God in all these challenges. 3. Remember that we were put on this planet to give to others, not take. Give tzedakah now, and every opportunity until Yom Kippur. You will never become poor by giving to others — you will become rich! I hope this helps - feel free to tell others! I just recorded a class on spiritual practice called The Big Picture, which is full of wisdom from the Sfas Emes from this week's Torah portion. Below is also a super deep torah from Reb Shlomo Please join us for inspiring, friendly and joyous outdoor High Holiday services in Pico! Join us in an outdoor shul we are creating in a waled backyard garden. Space is limited. Will be lovely! Singles: Learn with eminent psychologist Leonard Carr about Romance and Renewal. Give tzedakah to help a Jewish recovery house stay open, those needing medical assistance, and to support our organization with a Jewish year-end gift. (See links below) Thanks to generous supporters these programs, classes and services are possible. Without gifts large and small, Pico Shul would not be able to help build a more caring and more connected Jewish future. Yonah, May you be written and inspired in the Book of Life for a healthy and blessed New Year, Rabbi Yonah and Rachel Bookstein

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