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Passover is Coming! 5784 / 2024

Updated: Apr 11

Prepare for Passover with Pico Shul & Rabbi Yonah

In this post:

Community Seders

  • Second Night Seder: Tuesday, April 23rd with Pico Shul & The Happy Minyan

Join Pico Shul and The Happy Minyan for a welcoming and inspiring 2nd Night Seder for young professionals and the community.

Enjoy a delicious multi-course meal and a dynamic retelling of the Exodus with joyous singing and the deepest Torah insights, led by Rabbi Yonah and Rachel Bookstein.


Sell Your Chametz

Pico Shul can help you Sell Your Chametz Online!

It's a fast and easy process.


10 Minute Seder

Want to do a Seder but don’t have a lot of time?


Pesach 101 with Rabbi Yonah

Class 1: The Passover Diet: Shedding Unwanted Spiritual Baggage

Class 2: Making Our Homes Kosher for Passover

Class 3: Passover Seder - Deep Insights & Customs


Rabbi, is my CBD tincture Kosher for Passover?

With the spread of CBD products growing by the second, I recently fielded a question from someone.


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