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Passover with Pico Shul

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

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Seders in the Community

Rabbi Yonah and Rachel Bookstein will be in Poland for Passover, helping to make Seders possible for the refugees and community in Lublin, so Pico Shul won't be hosting any Los Angeles Seders this year. Click here to read more about Seders for Refugees.

But thanks to our Los Angeles Jewish Community, you have options!

We want to thank Rabbi Mendel with Chai Center, Rabbi Topp of Beth Jacob, Rabbi Zajac at SOLA, and Rabbi Teller & Rabbi Cohen at JHUB LA & Community Shul for including the Pico Shul community at their Seders!

First Seder: Friday, April 15th

Second Seder: Saturday, April 16th

Continue reading for a list of Seder options in Los Angeles...

Chai Center

Community Seders - 1st & 2nd

$54 / Seder

Beth Jacob

Community Seders - 1st & 2nd

$150 / Seder


Community Seders - 1st & 2nd

$72 / Seder

JHUB LA @ Community Shul

YP Seder (up to age 40) - 2nd only

$54 / Seder


Sell Your Chametz

Pico Shul can help you Sell Your Chametz - Online!

It's a fast and easy process.


10 Minute Seder

Want to do a Seder but don’t have a lot of time?


Pesach 101 with Rabbi Yonah


Seders for Refugees

Rabbi Yonah and Rachel are helping Jewish Ukrainian refugees have Seders in Poland.

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